2006 Aldo Rainoldi, Fruttaio Ca' Rizzieri, "Sfursat"


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[Gambero Rosso, Tre Bicchieri] This delicious Amarone style Nebbiolo is a multi year Tre Bicchieri award winner, Italy's highest honor. Barolo meets Amarone in this unbelievable combination. Deep red in color, with an intensely deep nose of clove, coffee, cocoa and roasted hazelnut. The palate is warm and vigorous with cinnamon, wet earth, smoke ... Read More »

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Featured March 08, 2010


If wine were like the movies then the 2006 Rainoldi Fruttaio Ca' Rizzieri would get the Oscar for Best Motion Picture!
    For several years, this delicious Amarone style Italian red (called Sfursat locally) has received a Tre Bicchieri award, Italy's highest honor. To receive such an accolade even once is a challenge. To receive it many years in a row puts this awesome red in an elite class of wine-making with the likes of Gaja, Giacosa and Conterno.
    Rainoldi's Sfursat hails from Lombardy, Italy where the slopes are so steep the Nebbiolo grapes cling to the trellises and can only be harvested by hand. From there, this unique wine is made by employing the traditional wine-making technique of Amarone: the Nebbiolo grapes (the same delicious varietal used in Piedmont's Barolos and Barbarescos) are harvested and left to dry in ancient, well ventilated stone barns; they are then crushed and fermented.
    When you think of this wine, think Barolo meets Amarone - an unbelievable combination marrying the best elements of each in a wine of tremendous richness and depth. Rainoldi only produces his Sfursat in the most favorable vintages. His 2006 is a stellar wine which is deep red in color with an intense nose of clove, coffee, cocoa and roasted hazelnut. The palate is warm and vigorous with cinnamon, wet earth, smoke, ripe plum and a hint of spice, lasting acidity and wonderfully balanced tannins.
    Enjoy this award winning Italian red with your favorite grilled meats, rich pasta dishes and hard cheeses.Read More »

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