2007 Maurigi, Bacca Bianca, Sicily



Press and Tasting Notes

Wonderfully scented with fresh citrus fruit and white flowers. On the palate it is juicy with an intense mineral note. Very long and persistent. Enjoy with sushi, halibut, salads and fresh pasta. [Chardonnay, Inzolia and Grecanico blend]

A Merchant's Pick

Featured May 11, 2009


This fall I have plans to go to Italy and can't wait! Tuscany and Piedmont were the intended destinations until I opened a bottle of the 2007 Maurigi Bacca Bianca from Sicily.
    What a wine! As soon as I opened this delicious Italian white, wonderful aromas emanated from the glass. That's because Bacca Bianca is a blend of Chardonnay and two terrifically aromatic indigenous varietals, Inzolia and Grecanico - each of which thrives in the hearty Mediterranean sunshine. And at 2,000 feet above sea level, the cool nights lock in the beautiful fruit flavors and add crisp acidity.
    Grown on flinty soil, the Chardonnay produces rich citrus notes of fresh lemon, warm grapefruit and apple flavors. True to form, the Inzolia adds minerality along with white flower and notes of almond while the Grecanico adds a bit of tang and subtle notes of honey. And while Bacca Bianca sees no oak, it has wonderful weight and a lasting persistent finish.
    Even if you can't get to Sicily this year, one of Sicily's best can certainly come to you. A natural fit with seafood, this special white can pair with a heavier fish such as salmon, but equally at home with swordfish, halibut, sushi and certainly fresh pasta. Enjoy!Read More »

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