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2010 Giodo, Brunello di Montalcino, Tuscany

Press and Tasting Notes


100 / 100

"This is a phenomenal Brunello from the personal vineyard of famous consulting enologist Carlo Ferrini. It shows such a richness and depth that I have seldom found in pure sangiovese. Full-bodied, yet balanced and dense, it sho ... Read More »

A Merchant's Pick

It was just a matter of time before winemaker Carlo Ferrini of Casanova di Neri crafted his own 100 point Brunello!
    Highly collectible, the 2010 Giodo Brunello is one of the most prized wines of Montalcino. With a mere 2... Read More »



Sangiovese may be the most recognizable red grape grown it Italy.  Sangiovese can be found throughout Tuscany and, depending on the subregion, is given a "local" name. For example, Sangiovese grown in Chianti i ... Read More »



Tuscany is home to some of the most popular Italian red wines.  Located along the Tyrrehenian coast, the Mediterranean influence and hilly terrain allow Tuscany to offer a wide variety of wine styles.  The mo ... Read More »

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