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2011 Lark Small Cask Aged, Limited Release, Single Malt Whisky

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“Single Malt Sensation | Down Under Thunder”

Down Under Thunder | Single Malt Whisky

By David Gettenberg
This is "history in the making." The Whisky Advocate
    The world of whiskey becomes more and more exciting everyday. Artisan distillers are taking over the world and we couldn’t be more pleased with their craftsmanship. Finding the truly special standout among them is always a treat.
    In a world of talented "Impressionists," we found a true “Van Gogh” of distillers; a pure original that has not yet been discovered. Lark, our special find, is a Single Malt, Limited Release whisky aged in small casks.
    If you are wondering what part of Scotland this beauty comes from, look again. This stunning whisky is 10,000 miles south of Scotland on the small Island of Tasmania. There, the talented Lark family is making this wonderful dram and doing everything from cutting the peat, to carefully selecting ale yeast. A skill often subcontracted out by the larger more commercial Scottish distillers.
    The secret to this success story is the great “terroir” of the distillery and the beautiful soft water from the rainforest mountains of Tasmania. Barley grown locally is malted at the distillery with peat from their local bog. This nearly "farm to table" approach along with a REAL single pot still and small cask maturation leads to this: a one-of-a-kind whisky full of maple, spice, peat and hints of your favorite bourbon. "This is big bucks for untried whisky. No doubt though, this is history in the making. There’s a big cinnamon and nutmeg kick to this, and with water, a rootsy, sweet apple core and a menthol hit wrap themselves around flavors of crab apples and dates. It’s different, easy to like, and exciting. Australian whisky is on a roll." The Whiskey Advocate
    This truly special and unique whiskey experience awaits you. Move over Scotch.
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More Information
  • Producer: Lark
  • Country: Australia
  • Region: Tasmania
  • Subregion: Others
  • Varietal: Others
  • Vintage: 2011
  • Size: 750ml
  • Code: W5061