2012 Domaine Thenard, "Cellier aux Moines" Givry 1er Cru

Press and Tasting Notes

We were captivated by Thenard's Givry 1er Cru which, with every sip, drinks more like a Gevrey-Chamberin. Cellier Aux Moines is a single vineyard, 11-acre plot and has a reputation for being the best Pinot Noir representation that the Givry region produces. --- "This rich red is riddled with flavors of cherry and raspberry, tinged by spice. The ... Read More »

A Merchant's Pick

Featured February 21, 2016


The village of Givry, just south of Mercurey, has a long reputation for making dazzling Pinot Noir and some of the finest red Burgundies of the region.
    From a tiny 11-acre plot, this Premier Cru Givry by Thenard boasts a Pinot Noir like no other.
    Red Burgundies set the standard by which all Pinots from around the world are judged; this particular vintage exemplifies why wine lovers of all kind are passionate about their Pinots.
    Whether you prefer Pinots from California, Oregon or Burgundy, this delicious wine offers a luscious and versatile profile. Boasting classic red cherry fruit with hints of crushed white pepper, rose pedal aromas and a hint of smoked mushroom, this pretty red is riddled with flavors of cherry and raspberry, tinged by baking spice.
    Whether you are entertaining guests, or enjoying a quiet meal at home, this Burgundy is the perfect complement. Feel free to pair with grilled salmon, sushi, chicken, lamb, and duck. Enjoy! Read More »



Wine has been made in Burgundy for over 2,000 years.  The monks were responsible for first identifying specific plots of lands as superior to others; this heirarchy later became the basis for the region’s classification ... Read More »

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    2013 Domaine Thenard, "Cellier aux Moines" Givry 1er Cru

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