2012 Dominique Lafon, Bourgogne Blanc


Press and Tasting Notes

In the bouquet, ripe fruit without being overripe – notes of pineapple, acacia blossom and citrus are supported by fine minerality. On the palate rich and somewhat dense fruit have gripping minerality allowing the wine to express remarkable balance and classic Burgundy terroir. Enjoy now and over the next 10 years.

A Merchant's Pick

Featured February 04, 2015


Comte-Lafon is one of the most cherished Burgundy domaines. Collectors snatch up the estate's Puligny-Montrachet and Meursault wines each year with very little - if any - making it to the shelves.
    Dominique Lafon, one of the most famous winemakers in the world, is, under his namesake label from parcels owned by Dominique in the Puligny/Meursault communes.
    Typically seen in restaurants only, the biggest challenges for consumers purchasing Lafon wines have been price (normally $150+) and availability. We are proud to say we have solved both with this rare and very special offering.
    This isn't your typical Bourgogne either: where a winemaker purchases a vast amount of fruit from many different vineyard sources throughout the region. In Fact, the wines for this amazing cuvee begin their life from 2 parcels. In Meursault from 50 year-old vines on lieu-dit 'Les Grandes Coutures,’ and in Puligny-Montrachet from 20 year-old vines on lieu-dit 'Les Femelottes.'
    For a limited time and with not much available, here is your chance to own one of Burgundy's finest. People spend their lives searching for Lafon wines....buy as much as you can and only tell your friends after!Read More »



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    2015 Dominique Lafon, Bourgogne Blanc

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