2012 Grey Stack, Sauvignon Blanc, Sonoma



Press and Tasting Notes

From the iconic 2012 vintage, this unique wine is one of the most interesting and delicious Sauvignon Blancs we've tasted in a long time. Simply put, it is lemonade in a bottle. It's not sweet. It tastes like summertime and a cool breeze. The wine is unfiltered so it has a little weight and texture that is sensational. Unlike Australian Sauvig ... Read More »

A Merchant's Pick

Featured July 08, 2013


From the iconic 2012 vintage, Grey Stack Sauvignon Blanc may very well be our pick for White Wine Of The Year. It is absolutely delicious with a zesty, luscious character.
    The aromas are wonderful, but it was the palate that completely blew us away. The wine is far more reminiscent of juicy, lush, freshly squeezed lemonade than anything we have ever tasted.
    Unlike most Sauvignon Blancs (from Sancerre to Australia) which display young, tart citrus notes, Grey Stack instead boasts rich, ripe citrus fruit that dance on the palate with a delicate core of minerality. This white is one of the most interesting and mouthwatering Sauvignon Blancs we've tasted in a long time.
    Grey Stack is a game-changer of undeniable grace and finesse. It is so enjoyable and smooth you won't want to put your glass down. As one of our staff put it, "It's different than your average Sauvignon Blanc, it's packed with exotic citrus fruit, nicely balanced and refreshing. It's a hidden gem." I couldn't agree more.
    The 2012 vintage in California is "off the charts" good. With only 497 cases made, we are recommending to anyone within shouting distance to buy this one by the case. Enjoy now and over the next four years.Read More »



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