2012 Owen Roe, "Abbot's Table" Zinfandel Blend, Columbia Valley


Press and Tasting Notes

A rich, yet easy drinking red wine that can be paired with the broadest range of foods. The Zinfandel component pairs beautifully with zesty Italian fare. The Bordeaux varieties scream for hearty beef dishes, while the Sangiovese makes the Abbot's Table perfect with lamb and game. Of course, the Syrah and Malbec work masterfully with spicy cuisine. ... Read More »

A Merchant's Pick

Featured January 19, 2009


Wow, what a blend! The 2007 Abbot's Table by Owen Roe rivals one of our favorite California blends, Orin Swift's The Prisoner (a Wine Spectator Top 100 last year). Both wines have a wonderful varietal medley that changes subtly from year to year and produce fantastically versatile reds.
     However, for about $10 less a bottle, you get a bit more versatility in the Abbot's Table due to the predominant use of Sangiovese (22%) which is added to Merlot (20%), Zinfandel (20%), Cabernet Franc (15%), Grenache (7%), Syrah (6%), Cinsault (3%), Malbec (3%), Petite Sirah (3%) and Pinot Noir (1%). Despite the diverse blend of varietals, this wine is incredibly balanced with terrific nuances allowing you to pair it with the broadest range of foods.
     Aromas of earth and dark spiced berry fill the glass with subtle aromas of leather and dried herbs. Broad but easygoing, this wine is not simple by any means. Lively peppery spice runs through the wine with balanced acidity and a wonderfully distinct blueberry finish that keeps you reaching for another glass.
    The Sangiovese pairs beautifully with zesty Italian fare as well as lamb and game. The Zinfandel adds some weight and richness. The Bordeaux varietals scream for hearty beef dishes. Of course, the Syrah and Malbec work masterfully with spicy cuisine. Then again, the Abbot's Table just tastes great by itself! We suggest letting the wine breathe for 15 minutes to allow the melting pot of varietals fully express themselves. Enjoy!Read More »

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