2013 Hall Wines, Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley



Press and Tasting Notes

A dense, full-bodied wine with lots of creme de cassis, charcoal, licorice and forest floor, the wine is opulent and already delicious and powerful. It should continue to drink well for at least 12-15+ years.

A Merchant's Pick

Featured November 21, 2011


Wine Spectator's coveted Top 100 list has been released and everyone is on the hunt for the Top 10 wines. As savvy a detective as you may be, most of these wines have been sold out for quite a while.
    Fear not. With a little due diligence you will find that one of these wines is still available - somewhat in disguise and at half the price of the primary wine.
    The #2 Spectator wine this year is the 2008 Kathryn Hall Cabernet Sauvignon from Hall Wines. The Kathryn Hall Cabernet is a blend of the winery's best barrels from Hall's various vineyards, including the famous Sacrashe. While it has been sold out for months, we are proud to feature a great alternative, the 2008 Hall Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. The similarities of these two wines are striking:
    Both wines are made by the same prestigious producer. Both are from the 2008 vintage. Both blend fruit from the winery's five vineyards. When reviewing the winery's line-up, Parker noted that, "As for those in bottle, my favorite is the 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon Napa. Most of this comes from the Sacrashe Vineyard as well."
    Think of the 2008 Hall Napa Cabernet as serious contender to its big sister, Kathryn Hall. The opulence and rich texture that shines through the #2 wine are present in the 2008 Hall Napa Caberent making it one of the best finds of the year. At literally half the price (Kathryn Hall retailed for $90 per bottle), this is a great opportunity to get a Spectator #2 doppelganger.
    One more factoid about the pedigree of this wine - the 2006 vintage of the Hall Cabernet (not the Kathryn) was the #18 wine on the Spectator Top 100 in 2010.
    Orders will be filled on a first-come, first serve basis. Enjoy now and over the next decade. This is a great California Cabernet for the upcoming holidays, colder months and heartier fare. Read More »



The largest domestic wine growing region in the United States is by far California.  California wines took international recognition in the 1976 competition known as "The Judgement Of Paris."  In this famous blind tasting, California wines were pu ... Read More »

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