2013 Ken Wright Cellars, "Shea Vineyard" Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley


Press and Tasting Notes

From three small blocks from the Shea Vineyard, Ken Wright's Shea is predominantly Block # 7, a row that is, "very important to us" according to Asa Sarver, National & International Sales Manager for Ken Wright Cellars --- We tasted though the 2013 lineup of Ken Wright's amazing Pinots., but it was Ken's Shea Vineyard that stole the s ... Read More »

A Merchant's Pick

Featured July 27, 2015


This is not just any Shea Vineyard fruit; rather, it is predominantly Block #7 from Shea, arguably the most coveted row in the entire Shea vineyard. And with back-to-back iconic vintage, this 2013 Shea is one of the finest we've ever tasted.
    Shea is one of the most iconic Willamette Valley vineyards. Many acclaimed winemakers have long-term contracts to buy Shea fruit and produce their own "Shea" label. Few if any make a better Shea than Ken Wright Cellars.
    With his eye on only the finest fruit, "Block 7 is Ken's favorite block; it is a very important block to us" claimed Asa Sarver, Ken Wright's National & International Sales Manager.
    We met with Asa last week and tasted through the entire lineup of Ken Wright's 2013 Pinots. From the ancient marine sediments in Ken's Abbott Claim Vineyard Pinot, to the volcanic, rocky soil of Ken's Meredith Mitchell Vineyard Pinot, each wine offered subtle yet distinct nuances of this delicious grape. However, the bottle that stole the show that day - though a difficult task indeed to pick only one winner - was Ken Wright's Shea Vineyard.
    Because he helped establish Shea Vineyards many years ago as a premier site, Ken has been able to get his pick of the most choice fruit. This row of coveted fruit has such character and importance in the Ken Wright bottling that the block number made it's way to the label. If you look at the lower left corner of the label, you will notice a red "7" on the lower left post.
     Whether it's the magic of Block #7, or the skill at which he crafts his wine, there is no denying that Ken Wright makes amazing Pinot Noir.Read More »



Oregon is recognized as one of the premier wine growing regions in the world.  It is best known for its world-class Pinot Noir, grown predominantly in the Willamette Valley.  There, Pinot Noir tends to take a bit of Burgundy's and California's best attributes:  a bit of the dry, mineral ... Read More »

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