2013 Mocali, Morellino di Scansano, Tuscany


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Morellino is one of Italy's best kept secrets and values! With red and black cherry accents, this delicious Sangiovese is loaded with lush black currant and black cherry layered over supple tannins and notes of tobacco and espresso. When you want to give your Chiantis and Brunellos a rest, don't hesitate to enjoy this youthful yet hearty wine over ... Read More »

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Featured March 13, 2011


What a wine! Morellino is the best kept secret for all you Chianti, Brunello and Super Tuscan fans.
    Morellino is the local name given to the Sangiovese grape grown in the hilly Tuscan village of Scansano. What is great about this wine is that it has the richness and body of delicious Brunello, the nuance of a Super Tuscan and the wonderful acidity of Chianti. The best news is that Morellino doesn't cost nearly as much as its more famous cousins. The best value we've seen from this region is the 2008 Mocali Morellino di Scansano. This delicious versatile red has ripe blackberry and mineral notes with a nose of violets and dark berries. It is full-bodied and well-structured, intense, and quite elegant all at the same time. Rich, with a hint of dark chocolate, creme de mure, cassis, plum, cherry and black raspberry, it offers great mineral notes and a long, silky smooth finish.
    This is a terrific expression of a great value out of Tuscany; it is a wine that you'll want in your cellar for everyday enjoyment! This all year round wine can be enjoyed with grilled meat or chicken, pasta, hearty salads and cheese of any kind.Read More »



Sangiovese may be the most recognizable red grape grown it Italy.  Sangiovese can be found throughout Tuscany and, depending on the subregion, is given a "local" name. For example, Sangiovese grown in Chianti i ... Read More »



Tuscany is home to some of the most popular Italian red wines.  Located along the Tyrrehenian coast, the Mediterranean influence and hilly terrain allow Tuscany to offer a wide variety of wine styles.  The mo ... Read More »

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