2013 Vie di Romans, Flors di Uis, Friuli-Venezia


Press and Tasting Notes

Flor di Uis (Friulano, Riesling Renano and Malvasia) is one of the few wines in this lineup that achieves the level of elegance that readers have come to expect from Vie di Romans. Suggestions of passion fruit, mango, spices and flowers are woven together in an intricate, mid-weight frame. The wine offers outstanding length, with the Malvasia pr ... Read More »

A Merchant's Pick

Featured January 19, 2010


Nothing compares to sitting down at a private dinner with a winemaker and having them select cuisine that best complements their wine. Last night that's exactly what happened as we enjoyed a lobster risotto with a white wine mustard sauce and passion fruit accompanied by one of the best Italian whites we have tasted in months - the 2007 Vie di Romans, Flors di Uis.
    This Italian white showed unbelievable aromatics and equally compelling flavors. It is a terrific blend of Malvasia, Tocai Friulano and Riesling. The Malvasia throws off wonderful aromas of honeysuckle, the Tocai provides bright minerality and hints of blanched almonds and the Riesling gives it a hint of mango, passion fruit and white flower. While each of these varietals are incredible on their own, the blend creates a trifecta of perfection. There is nothing simple about this wine which has an uncomplicated elegance. It is dry and weighty with a wonderful core of exotic fruit - but not sweet.
    Vie di Romans is one of the most highly decorated wineries by the Gambero Rosso Guide, Italy's wine bible. Enjoy this gem now or set down for another five years. Pair with lobster risotto, your favorite seafood dish, in particular tuna tartar. This wine will also pair fantastically with any of your favorite spicy dishes.Read More »

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