2014 Bruno Giacosa Roero Arneis, Piedmont


Press and Tasting Notes

"This is what arneis should be....full-bodied white yet delicate and crisp. A benchmark for arneis. Go-to Italian white." ---- Released just once a year, Giacosa's Reoro Arneis is a delicious Spring and Summer Italian classic.

"For my taste, the brilliant Bruno Giacosa fashions the finest Arneis in Piedmont." (Robert Parker) This ind ... Read More »

A Merchant's Pick

Featured August 10, 2009


No wine cellar or cooler is complete without Bruno Giacosa's Arneis. "The brilliant Giacosa fashions the finest Arneis...this is my favorite white wine of Piedmont." (Robert Parker)
    The 2008 has just been released and each year we can't stress enough how delicious, consistent and versatile this wine is. Arneis is an indigenous white varietal from Piedmont. This devilishly temperamental grape is difficult to grow due to its delicate skin. But when the conditions are right and a producer like Giacosa handles the vinification properly, look out!
    Unoaked, this wine has a natural creamy weight and texture about it that rivals many lush white Burgundies. This beautiful wine from the subregion Roero, reveals gorgeous ripe sliced pear, apple, and white peach fruit. The acidity is crisp and refreshing and despite being stainless steel fermented, the wine has depth and character that makes it a stand out.
    A perennial favorite, there is always some Giacosa Arneis chilled at my house ready to be cracked open - it is that good. Don't over chill this little treasure as you'll "chill out" the subtle nuances and refreshing acidity. Let it sit for about 10-15 minutes before serving so the true flavor profiles can express themselves. Enjoy with fish, chicken, or light pasta dishes.Read More »



In northern Italy, Piedmont is home to a number of grape varietals.  Among them is the "noble grape" Nebbiolo.  Grown in several sub-regions, the most popular Nebbiolos hail from Barolo, Barbaresco, Langhe, Gattinara and ... Read More »

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