2014 Chateau de Lavernette, Beaujolais-Villages


Press and Tasting Notes

This Beaujolais-Villages has the enchanting fragrance of ripe red fruits from the orchard and briar. The wine has a silky entry followed by a lavish mid-palate showcased on a pedestal of fine integrated tannins. A finish of thyme, dried herbs along with stewed cherry tarts and apple gallette meld into one with a strawberry rhubarb finish.This is ... Read More »

A Merchant's Pick

Featured October 28, 2015


We are amazed at the power of suggestion. Have you noticed the vibrant red and orange leaves throwing off their glorious hue in the past few days? Have you noticed a surge in harvest imagery such as apple pies and cornucopias spilling around every corner of your favorite marketplace? Have you entered a supermarket looking for cucumbers and tomatoes and left with a wedge of pecan pie and stuffing?!
    Just in time for Thanksgiving, Chateau de Lavernette's Beaujolais-Villages is not the same juicy fruit-bomb you get with Beaujolias Nouveau two weeks before Thanksgiving. This hearty Gamay based red can be enjoyed all year round, with a wide array of dishes: grilled fish, roasted meats, an earthy mushroom ravioli, bacon quiche. BUT, well crafted Beaujolais - like Lavernette's - is never quite as home as it is when it is surrounded by (cue the imagery please) a perfectly roasted turkey, grandma's secret stuffing, roasted brussel sprouts, cranberry sauce and sweet potato pie.
    The 2014 Beaujolais vintage had the perfect ripening conditions. The moment we first tasted this savory wine, a wave of red ripe fruit, rose petals and cherry tart aromas filled the room. This wine has a silky entry followed by a lavish mid-palate. A finish of thyme, dried herbs along with stewed cherry tarts and apple galette meld into one with a strawberry rhubarb finish.
    If we've done our job right and you opened this email looking for Chardonnay, you will be leaving with Beaujolais. Read More »



Wine has been made in Burgundy for over 2,000 years.  The monks were responsible for first identifying specific plots of lands as superior to others; this hierarchy later became the basis for the region’s classification system. ... Read More »

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