2014 Fontaine-Gagnard, Batard-Montrachet, Burgundy


Press and Tasting Notes

Here the nose is a bit more reserved than that of the Criots with its light if not invisible oak treatment framing high-toned acacia blossom and orchard fruit aromas that display undertones of earth and anise which merge into full-bodied, opulent, lush and very powerful flavors brimming with buckets of dry extract that confer a borderline chewy ... Read More »



Chardonnay is the most popular white wine grape grown throughout the world.  The most prized Chardonnay growing regions are Burgundy, Champagne and California.  The Chardonnays of Burgundy tend to produce dry, elegant wines wit ... Read More »



Wine has been made in Burgundy for over 2,000 years.  The monks were responsible for first identifying specific plots of lands as superior to others; this hierarchy later became the basis for the region’s classification system. ... Read More »

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    2015 Fontaine-Gagnard, Batard-Montrachet, Burgundy

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