2014 Liquid Farm, "White Hill" Chardonnay, Sta. Rita Hills


Press and Tasting Notes

Highly allocated and rarely found outside of California, Liquid Farm's White Hill Chardonnay highlights the minerality that comes through in the ancient soils of Santa Rita Hills. Boasting mineral, yellow peach, fresh rain, Asian pear, salinity, ginger, citrus fruit and lavender cream. The long, clean finish echoes the strong Burgundian influenc ... Read More »

A Merchant's Pick

Featured March 03, 2016


You may recall the name Liquid Farm from our "Pink Crack" feature last year. That rosé (which you can pre-order the 2015 vintage here) was so well received it became our fastest selling rosé...ever. Customer feedback was tremendous and we are certain you will also thank us for featuring your next favorite Chardonnay!
    We have a track record for featuring outstanding wines before their press. Our past features like Colin Morey (Burgundy), Big Table Farm (Willamette Valley) and Anthill Farms (Sonoma) have all become media darlings.
    Liquid Farm Chardonnay is on the fast track to becoming the Kistler of tomorrow. So little is made and with such high quality, this is a wine that rarely makes it out of California.
    The winery is garnering serious attention as they do not mask the terroir of their wines and avoid the trend of voluptuous, oaky California style. Their White Hill Chardonnay is a small yielding, vibrant white fashioned after the great Cru's of Burgundy with rich texture and a lean, refreshing spine.
     What to pair with this delicious white? "SUSHI is a damn fine place to start." Liquid Farm Winery
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Chardonnay is the most popular white wine grape grown throughout the world.  The most prized Chardonnay growing regions are Burgundy, Champagne and California.  The Chardonnays of Burgundy tend to produce dry, elegant wines wit ... Read More »



The largest domestic wine growing region in the United States is by far California.  California wines took international recognition in the 1976 competition known as "The Judgement Of Paris."  In this famous blind tasting, California wines were pu ... Read More »

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