2014 Southern Belle, Murcia Aged In Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon Barrels


Press and Tasting Notes

The 2014 Southern Belle is a delicious blend of Monastrell and Syrah from southern Spain. Aged in the world-renowned Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon barrels, the wine is much more refined that we had expected. Blackberry and blueberry at its core, there are hints of vanilla bean. A tinge of cherry fruit on the mid-palate. Interestingly before we ... Read More »

A Merchant's Pick

Featured January 23, 2017


The iconic bourbon producer Pappy Van Winkle and the trailblazing winemaker of Clio and Alto Moncayo have created a seductive Spanish red perfect for winter evenings by the fire - an even the upcoming Super Bowl festivities!
    A brief dinner with Chris Ringland (of Clio) and Julian Van Winkle sparked the inspiration to marry aged bourbon barrels with wine. The wine industry may never be the same again.
    From whiskey to wine, producers of all kinds are using unique barrels to create the next artisanal niche within their craft: used sherry casks for scotch, cabernet casks for bourbon, and bourbon casks for ales. It was just a matter of time until one of the wine world's hot-shots paired up with the bourbon world's icon, Pappy Van Winkle.
    Interestingly before we tasted this delicious red (and maybe like you), we assumed Southern Belle was going to be an uber-rich and extracted wine. BUT IT WAS NOT!
    The 2014 Southern Belle is surprisingly elegant, modestly fruit forward and a nicely structured red. This is a magnificent wine for a variety of foods: from burgers, to steak, to grilled kebabs of your choosing.
    Aged Pappy bourbon casks were used to mature this sultry red. This Monastrell and Syrah blend from Spain boasts blackberry and blueberry at its core. There are hints of vanilla bean, a tinge of cherry fruit on the mid-palate, and an elegant mouth feel. This supple, sexy wine screams, "Party," and begs to be paired with any and all grilled food at your BBQ. Enjoy!Read More »

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