2015 Chateau Leoube, "Secret de Léoube" Rosé, Provence


Press and Tasting Notes

[Gold: 2016 World Rosé Award]

Talk about a "Secret." Secret de Leoube Rosé is made by none other than Romain Ott of famed Domaine Ott. With only 100 cases imported, this Provencal rosé is rare indeed.

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A Merchant's Pick

Featured March 27, 2017


Tasting the current vintage of Secret de Leoube evokes fond memories of the first time I enjoyed this rosé. It was a mild March and Spring was in the air - just as it is today. I was enjoying dinner and could not put this wine down. After I finished the bottle, I turned to the waiter to ask for another at which point he leaned forward and whispered, "Sir, you brought the wine...this is a BYOB." I so thoroughly enjoyed the wine, I simply forgot!
     The Leoube Estate is nestled in a coastal fringe a stone's throw away from St. Tropez. A name to put on your radar, this estate is run by Romain Ott, former owner of Domaine Ott. Since taking it over, this nature preserve has been converted into a wine and olive tree sanctuary. Winning "Gold" in 2016, it is the next generation of artisanal winemaking to come out of Provence and a rosé you need to try.
    Nature meets agriculture in this picturesque setting. With 100 acres dedicated to wine vines and 40 to olive trees, the Leoube winery calls themselves organic artisans by the sea. With a focus on sustainable farming, the estate uses natural and non-toxic farming practices.
    These practices produce delicious fruit that delivers exotic aromas and flavors borne from the surrounding wild vegetation which includes rosemary, white heather, sage, myrtle and marine lavender, making this one of the lushest natural environments on the Côte d’Azur.
    As for Leoube's rosé, we can't say enough: sexy aromas of raspberry and blood orange are lifted by a strong, chalky mineral drawn from the schist and clay soil. Sharply focused red berry and citrus flavors give way to succulent melon. Finishes long, with resonating mineral and spring floral aromas.
    With only 100 cases imported, this is an Ott "Secret" you will not forget!Read More »

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