2015 Jacques Charlet, "La Crochette" Macon-Villages, Burgundy


Press and Tasting Notes

A bounty of green apple and Comice pear fill the glass of the best sub-$20 white Burgundy we've tasted in a while. The Macon may very well be one the best valued Chardonnay producing regions in Burgundy - if not the world. Made from 100% Chardonnay grown in a limestone-clay soil, “La Crochette” is vinified in stainless steel tanks to ... Read More »

A Merchant's Pick

Featured June 26, 2017


Get ready for the magic of the Macon, get ready to enjoy a bounty of green apple and Comice pear, and get ready for one of the best sub-$20 white Burgundies!
    The 2015 Charlet Macon-Village sings with flavor. It's not everyday that we get to taste something so good, so authentic, and so under-priced. “That's amazing!” was uttered throughout the store for weeks after we first tried it.
     The Macon may be one of the best value Chardonnay producing regions in Burgundy - it may also be one of the best in the world. It is known for its limestone soil and mineral driven Chardonnays. No oak or rich butter flavors here!
    Made from 100% Chardonnay, "La Crochette” is a hauntingly delicious little wine. It is vinified in stainless steel tanks to maximize floral notes, fruitiness, and vibrancy.
    Apple, quince, mineral tones and an undertone of citrus are all supported by a juicy focused frame of acidity. This is a classically made Macon-Villages with a finish that lasts and lasts.
     Don't be afraid to bring this humble beauty to a picnic or a five star restaurant. It pairs well with poultry, shellfish, salad or grilled fish.Read More »



Chardonnay is the most popular white wine grape grown throughout the world.  The most prized Chardonnay growing regions are Burgundy, Champagne and California.  The Chardonnays of Burgundy tend to produce dry, elegant wines wit ... Read More »



Wine has been made in Burgundy for over 2,000 years.  The monks were responsible for first identifying specific plots of lands as superior to others; this hierarchy later became the basis for the region’s classification system. ... Read More »

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