2015 Merry Edwards, Sauvignon Blanc, Russian River Valley


Press and Tasting Notes


93 / 100

"Succulent and juicy, with fresh pineapple, marmalade, Key lime and papaya flavors that sing with purity and focus, set on a supple frame and featuring fresh acidity that weaves in an ... Read More »

A Merchant's Pick

Featured March 28, 2017


This is a brand new vintage of one of the finest Sauvignon Blancs from California. For years, Merry Edwards has been "crushing" the competition with this masterful white. And because of its quality, it is the benchmark by which all California Sauvignon Blancs are judged.
    This particular harvest produced an outstanding wine that should anchor your warm weather white collection. This wine has a long history of accolades: as a former Wine Spectator Top 100 wine it boasts a resume full of multi-year 93 + point scores and has even graced Spectator's "Hot Wines" list. The current vintage just received another 93 points building upon its long history of stellar press.
    Hints of citrus blossoms, lychee and mango fill the glass. Soft honey weaves its way through the sumptuous palate that displays mouthwatering flinty acidity that dances along the rich, creamy texture. Smooth and silky with spicy details of nutmeg, quince, lemon zest and apricot. We like this wine so much, we have it in three sizes:

      2014 Merry Edwards Sauv Blanc 375ml (Half Bottles)
      2014 Merry Edwards Sauv Blanc 750ml
      2013 Merry Edwards Sauv Blanc 1.5L (Magnums)

    Feel free to crack open this fantastic white and pair with raw oysters, seafood of any kind, giant prawns in Thai green curry sauce over rice noodles, and even grilled asparagus with olive oil and pecorino romano. Yum! This Sauvignon Blanc even goes great with roasted chicken. Enjoy now and through 2020. Read More »



The largest domestic wine growing region in the United States is by far California.  California wines took international recognition in the 1976 competition known as "The Judgement Of Paris."  In this famous blind tasting, California wines were pu ... Read More »

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