2015 Renato Fenocchio, "Spectacol" Langhe, Nebbiolo


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92 / 100

25 Barbaresco? Unheard of. This special red is not to be missed and should be bought by the case! This delightful "Baby Barbaresco" by Renato Fenocchio only uses Nebbiolo grapes from the highly prized Barbaresco subregion rather th ... Read More »

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Featured January 16, 2017


$25 Barbaresco? Yes! That's what you can enjoy in this delightful "Baby Barbaresco" by Renato Fenocchio, which you should buy by the case!
    Most red wines labeled Nebbiolo are made from grapes selected throughout the broader Langhe region of Piedmont and not the more prestigious subregion of Barbaresco. But not in this special bottling. This bottling uses only Nebbiolo grapes from the highly-prized Barbaresco subregion.
    So, why doesn't Renato Fenocchio use the more prestigious Barbaresco nomenclature? Well, to preserve the wine's vibrancy and freshness, he intentionally shortens the time the wine spends in oak. As a result, this wine cannot technically be called a "Barbaresco" under Piedmont law.
    That's good news for us since his Barbarescos are twice the price. As an added bonus, this delicious red wine is biodynamically farmed, the grapes are hand picked at the peak of harvest, and this family-run winery ensures that a traditional expression is achieved.
    Accents of dried rose petal, light pepper and spice, subtle hints of fennel and cedar, you'd swear this was a red Burgundy with hints of Italian terroir. From the producer himself, this wine is "best with the typical dishes of the Piemontese cooking, such as 'polenta and wild-boar' and 'bagna caoda.'” But, we are just happy to enjoy it with aged cheeses and our/your favorite pasta dishes. This is not to be missed!Read More »



In northern Italy, Piedmont is home to a number of grape varietals.  Among them is the "noble grape" Nebbiolo.  Grown in several sub-regions, the most popular Nebbiolos hail from Barolo, Barbaresco, Langhe, Gattinara and ... Read More »

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  1. 2016 Renato Fenocchio, "Spectacol" Langhe, Nebbiolo

    2016 Renato Fenocchio, "Spectacol" Langhe, Nebbiolo

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