2015 Roger Naudet, Domaine des Buissonnes, Sancerre, Loire


Press and Tasting Notes

It's hard to find good Sancerre for under $20 per bottle, but we have. Domaine des Buissonnes is a wonderful Sancerre loaded with lemon-lime aromas, bright citrus fruit and a steely, minerality that allows it to pair with seafood of any kind. Enjoy!

A Merchant's Pick

Featured August 16, 2009


Trying to find really good Sancerre for under $20 per bottle is like looking for a needle in a haystack. But look no further! You cannot beat the value and quality of the 2008 Domaine des Buissonnes Sancerre.
    During these hot summer days, there is nothing better than a refreshing glass of Sauvignon Blanc to quench your thirst. Not many do it better than Domaine des Buissones, and certainly not at this price point.
    Aromas of lime zest and a hint of lemon jump out of the glass with a refreshing minerality keeping the fruit in balance. Equally lively on the palate, there is a rich core of cool ripe citrus and flinty finish from the chalky and silex soils. These wonderful profiles intertwine in this versatile Sauvignon Blanc from the Loire Valley.
    This delicious summer white is perfect as an aperitif or can be enjoyed with a wide array of food. The classic pairing is fish such as halibut or sushi. But Sancerres also pair fantastically with oysters and even chevre (goat cheese). This great summer sipper is one to stock up on. Enjoy! Read More »



France’s Loire Valley stretches almost 300 kilometers inland from the Atlantic Ocean following the Loire River and its tributaries.  The region is famous not only for its incredibly food-friendly wi ... Read More »

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