2016 Fontezoppa,Verdicchio di Matelica, Verdicchio, Marche


Press and Tasting Notes

Year after year, Fontezoppa produces great value Verdicchio. This delicious dry white wine displays wonderful citrus notes, with hints of mango, fresh apples, and walnut. Great lasting acidity is harnessed in a crisp, refreshing finish. These old vines, which grow between 500-600 meters above sea level very close to t ... Read More »

A Merchant's Pick

Featured May 17, 2015


Italian whites, in particular Verdicchio, are an oasis for the summertime weather. They make sitting on your patio or poolside feel like the Italian coast. When you drink a Verdicchio and close your eyes, you can almost taste the saline and can imagine waves crashing around you.
     And, if you love seafood, thoughts of grilled calamari or fresh mussels in garlic, olive oil and splash of this delicious white will also rush through your mind.
    If you enjoy coastal cuisine, you will love the refreshing nature of Fontezoppa's Verdicchio. Incredibly smooth, but crisp and refreshing, this zippy, delicious white wine is a classic example of how versatility should not be confused with simplicity.
    Verdicchio is an indigenous Italian white varietal, typically grown in the Marche region of Italy, just off the coast of the Adriatic Sea. This varietal is known for its bright and vibrant fruit as well as balanced acidity. Wonderful citrus notes, with hints of mango, walnut and fresh-picked apples. The wine has great lasting acidity harnessed in a crisp, refreshing wine.
    Old vines, which grow between 500-600 meters above sea level close to the Adriatic, benefit from the cool sea breeze adding wonderful subtle hints of saline, making this wine a perfect complement to seafood of any kind in particular sushi, grilled shellfish and light pasta dishes. Enjoy! Read More »

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