2016 Von Winning, Sauvignon Blanc II, Pfalz


Press and Tasting Notes

Von Winning is an astonishing Sauvignon Blanc. If we didn't know its origin, we'd swear it marries the best qualities of Sancerre, California Sauvignon Blancs and New Zealand. We'll even take the taste experience one step further and liken it to the legendary Smith Huat Lafite Blanc of Bordeaux. It has amazing layers (LAYERS!!!!) of stone fruit, ... Read More »



The most northerly of the wine-growing countries? Germany.  Germany produces some of the loveliest, lightest and most delicate food friendly white wines in the world. Low in alcohol, German wines and exquisitely balanced, they are wines of charm and subtle nuances. The history of fine Germa ... Read More »

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  1. GG - Base

    2015 Von Winning, Ungeheuer GG Riesling, Pfalz

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