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Hudson Vineyards, "Titi's" Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A Merchant's Pick

We are all about extraordinary flavors and aromas whether from wine, whiskey or beer. If you thought California made outstanding wine, wait until you try Hudson Vineyard's Extra Virgin Olive Oil!
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The largest domestic wine growing region in the United States is by far California.  California wines took international recognition in the 1976 competition known as "The Judgement Of Paris."  In this famous blind tasting, California wines were pu ... Read More »

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  1. 2013 Hudson Vineyards, Syrah, Carneros - Small

    2013 Hudson Vineyards, Syrah, Carneros

    Special Price $89.99 Regular Price $100.00
  2. Carneros - Base

    2015 Hudson Vineyards, "Carneros" Chardonnay, Napa Valley

    Special Price $59.99 Regular Price $78.00