Merchant Picks By Country

Merchant's Pick by country: Germany

  1. World-Class Rosé From D.R.C. Protégé!
    June 28, 2018
    You are going to love this crisp and captivating rosé!
    We fell hard for the 2017 Diel "Rosé de Diel" when we sampled it... so hard, we ordered all that was available!
    Since it has landed in our store, it has...
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  2. One Glass Will Turn To Two, Two Will Turn....
    October 22, 2014
    What is your favorite Sauvignon Blanc? A Sancerre for its minerality? A Napa Sauvignon Blanc for its ripe tropical notes? A New Zealand for its vibrancy? A Bordeaux Blanc for its layered textures? What about Germany? Yes, Germany!
        This exotic German Sauvignon...
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