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Merchant's Pick by Grape

Merchant's Pick by Grape: Albarino

  1. Albarino Off The Atlantic, Outstanding!
    March 21, 2019

    A quirky label, yes, but an outstanding Albarino!

    In fact, the 2017 Eladio Pineiro, "Envidia Cocino" may be the best white we have tasted all year.

    In the remote, northwest corner of Spain is Rias Baixas, a small fishing village resting on the jagged inlets of the...

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  2. A Mouthwatering, Albarino Masterpiece!
    January 29, 2018

    If ever there was a white wine made to pair with seafood, this amazing Albarino is just that wine!

    The 2016 Atalier Albarino may very well be the best quality Albarino we have ever tasted. The wine jumps from the glass with notes of saline, seashells, and minerality. The maritime...

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