Merchant's Pick by Grape

Merchant's Pick by Grape: Corvina Blend

  1. Dal Forno Baby Amarone
    June 05, 2019

    Extremely Limited!

    Hot off the press! Dal Forno's Valpolicella Superiore received a well-deserved 98 points. This is an extremely limited offering from the finest Amarone producer in Italy!

    The 2011 Dal Forno Romano Valpolicella is an absolute joy to drink. A kaleidoscope of...

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  2. Not an Amarone? You could have fooled us!

    This "Baby Amarone" is as close as you will get to Amarone quality without the hefty price tag or without sacrificing quality.

    Rich notes of dark cherry, blackberry, cooking spice, prune, cocoa and a touch of cinnamon and pepper. The...

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  3. Steak Not Included!
    January 16, 2019
    It's cold here in the northeast... which means it is prime Amarone season!
    No matter the weather, run to your butcher and get your favorite cut of meat because we have the perfect pairing, Amarone! 
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  4. Calling All Dal Forno and Quintarelli Fans!
    October 08, 2018

    We're huge fans of Dal Forno and Quintarelli Amarones. At $300 per bottle, these two Valpolicella powerhouses make great special occasion wines.


    At $68, a fraction of the price, Tenuta Santa Maria's Riserva will blow you away. For 48 hours, take...

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  5. Back by Overwhelming Demand!
    September 18, 2018

    Few, if any, make a better Valpolicella Classico than Brigaldara.

    Each year, this is one of our best selling Italian reds, a wine that Antonio Galloni once aptly said, "puts most other Valpolicellas to shame."

    It does!

    Back by overwhelming demand... we have never been...

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