Merchant's Pick by Grape

Merchant's Pick by Grape: Viognier

  1. Utterly Mouthwatering White!
    September 27, 2018

    DuMol's Viognier is one of the most alluring white wines we've tasted!

    A wine typically reserved for some of the finest restaurants from New York to San Francisco, we're putting extra emphasis on how dazzled we are by this white!

    When we met with winemaker and DuMol partner,...

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  2. A Versatile White For All Occasions!
    April 19, 2011
    At my favorite Asian restaurant the other night, friends were fighting over Kung-Pao this, sweet and sour that, and something with broccoli - my head was spinning.
        While the banter continued, I sat back with confidence knowing that whatever dish combination they...
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