Sorro, Prosecco

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Sorro, Prosecco

Wow! Bubbly We Can't Stop Talking About!

Wow! We cannot stop talking about this bottle of bubbly. And with the holiday season rapidly approaching, you can never have too much good bubbly on hand. We are proud to feature our favorite sparkler from a blind tasting, which also happens to be a "Best Buy!"

Sorro Prosecco won us over with its crisp fruit and dry, lasting finish. It has just the right amount of citrus notes and beautifully integrated acidity. You can enjoy it as an aperitif (straight up or mixed with a dash of Aperol), alongside your main course, and it goes without saying, for toasting.

Pop the cork and pour and you will marvel at this sparkling wine's versatility. It has just the right amount of bubbles - it stimulates the palate without being overwhelming.

Made from 100% Glera, this Italian sparkling wine hails from the Treviso region within the Veneto. But that's not all. The fruit comes from highly prized and steep slopes of Valdobbiadene! A white flower bouquet and unmistakable aromas of apple, quince and young pear will fill the glass.

Enjoy with a radicchio salad and grilled white asparagus. As an aperitif, enjoy with prosciutto-wrapped melon. You can certainly marry it with warm appetizers and then with a main course of white meat or seafood.

Why a Best Buy? It over-delivers on flavor, it appropriately delivers on effervescence, and it pairs with just about anything you may wish to serve. Enjoy!

$18.95 per bottle / $227.40 per case


From the prized slopes of Vadlobbiadene, this wonderful Prosecco is 100% Glera. It has beautiful bubbles - just enough to stimulate the palate without being overwhelming. Citrus, apple and young pear aromas are followed by a dry, lasting finish. Beautifully balanced, you can enjoy it as an aperitif, straight up, mixed with a dash of Aperol, and of course, for toasting.

Product Details

Producer: Sorro

Country: Italy

Region: Veneto

Sub Region: Treviso

Varietal: Glera

Vintage: Others

Size: 750ml

Code: W6253