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Merchant Picks By Producer

Merchant's Pick by Producer: Emilio Moro

  1. #59 WS Top 100 For 24 Hours!
    January 04, 2018

    You won't see this price again!

    At 17.99, the 2015 Emilio Moro is a bargain! This snowstorm special is for 24 hours only. Thereafter, the price will rise to $23.95 per bot... if we haven't sold out before then.

    * Please note, we are happy to hold any orders while the inclement...

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  2. A Red So Good You May Never Drink Cabernet Again!
    August 02, 2015
    You don't find this unique flavor profile in California Cabernets. I'm a huge Cabernet fan, however, this Tempranillo is in a different league. "This is the best vintage in a decade." (Emilio Moro, Owner and Winemaker).
        With much...
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  3. Wine Spectator Top 100 - A Spanish Must Have!
    May 23, 2010
    Absolutely delicious! Every year we conduct our own "in house" tasting of the Wine Spectator Top 100 wines to compare their relative quality and value.
        Many of these wines are sold out before the list goes to press, so for the ones that are still available, we...
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