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Merchant Picks By Producer

Merchant's Pick by Producer: Giodo

  1. Montalcino's Best Kept Secret
    February 12, 2020

    Quietly arriving on the scene five years ago, Giodo owner, Carlo Ferrini, was recently hailed by Wine Spectator as "one of Montalcino's great winemakers," and his wines, "one of Montalicino's best kept secrets."

    As the former winemaker of Casanova di Neri as well as clients Ricasoli...

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  2. 100 pt Brunello | Tuscan Perfection!
    November 08, 2015

    It was just a matter of time before winemaker Carlo Ferrini of Casanova di Neri crafted his own 100 point Brunello!
        Highly collectible, the 2010 Giodo Brunello is one of the most prized wines of Montalcino. With a mere 250 case production, it is a...

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