Merchant Picks By Producer

Merchant's Pick by Producer: Conti di San Bonifacio

  1. Sangiovese To Buy By The Case!
    August 12, 2019

    Why is Monteregio's Riserva in the Top 5?

    A kaleidoscope of flavors abound in this Tuscany beauty!

    Red currant, black cherry, and plush compote provide warming fruit notes on the palate. Dusty tannins give great texture and grip to this silky Sangiovese. There is a faint and...

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  2. • Load Up! • MUST HAVE • Tuscan Treat!
    December 15, 2017

    We'll tell you who the winemaker is in a minute....but this is a wine you need to buy by the case!

    From a stocking-stuffer to a generous "Thank You" to a comforting glass in front of the fire, the 2013 Conti di San Bonifacio Monteregio is perfect for every occasion.

    A hunk of...

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