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Merchant Picks By Region

Merchant's Pick by region: Friuli - Venezia

  1. The Finest Pinot Grigio Made!
    August 26, 2018

    Prepare yourself for the most amazing Pinot Grigio experience!

    Imagine a wine with copper hues and light bronze colored reflections. Imagine still, a wine that is commonly referred to as white, yet naturally red when picked off the vine. Imagine a wine so intoxicating that it can...

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  2. For Late Summer Sunshine Enjoyment
    September 20, 2017

    Not yet ready to give up on patio dining? Don't.

    There is still enough warmth in the evening sunsets to continue some alfresco dining just a little bit longer.

    From the hills of Friuli, this refreshing Italian white wine is all you will need to relax with the last of the...

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  3. Estate Grown Pinot Grigio From Friuli!
    May 03, 2017

    You will never drink Santa Margherita again! I hope we are not offending anyone who buys it buy the case, but when you taste this classic white from Friuli, you may ask yourself, "Have I been drinking wine or water?" Rare for Pinot Grigio, Ermacora is all estate grown fruit. Why is this...

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  4. An Italian White Like No Other!
    August 08, 2016
    "Make no mistake about it, these are some of the most compelling whites being made anywhere in Italy...." Antonio Galloni
        So what do you pair with one of the most "compelling whites made anywhere?" How about grilled swordfish or your favorite...
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  5. Until Now, You Haven't Really Been Drinking Pinot Grigio
    July 10, 2016

    Prepare yourself for the most amazing Pinot Grigio experience. This is what real, dry Pinot Grigio looks and tastes like before so many winemakers strip it of its wonderful properties.
        Imagine a wine with copper hues and light bronze colored...

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