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Merchant Picks By Sub Region

Merchant's Pick by Sub Region: Ribbon Ridge

  1. At Thanksgiving you'll hear, "Please pass the Pinot!"
    November 12, 2019

    Besides politics this holiday season, the next most talked about topic at your dinner table will be Oregon's Ayres Ribbon Ridge Pinot Noir.

    "Please pass the Pinot!" will be repeated over and over again!

    With only 100 cases produced, Ayres "Lewis Rodgers Lane" is a...

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  2. Rare Oregon Pinot
    March 26, 2018

    Until today....

    Only 28 cases of this prized Pinot have been released to the East Coast. After that, it's all gone.

    Why so little? Ayres "Lewis Rodgers Lane" is a single vineyard, estate grown Pinot Noir that never makes its way out of Oregon. From the exclusive Ribbon Ridge,...

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