Merchant Picks By Sub Region

Merchant's Pick by Sub Region: Sonoma

  1. Zinfully Delicious!
    November 16, 2018

    Not just for Thanksgiving...!

    Five Vintners Zinfandel has been our best selling Zinfandel (and your favorite) each year for the past five years. The 2015 Five Vintners is a terrific expression of this perennial favorite.

    Looking for a bit more body and spice than a Pinot Noir...

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  2. Proprietary Blend Beyond Compare!
    October 10, 2018

    Don't sit on this email too long!

    The gnarly vines of Ridge's Geyserville vineyards sit atop an ancient riverbed of gravelly loam and river rock, which retain the day's heat and mitigate the cool nighttime fog.

    Deep roots reach into the alluvial soil and provide the wine's...

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  3. Rare Chardonnay Opportunity
    March 22, 2018

    If you are a Kistler fan, you already know how rare the wines are.

    Typically limited to restaurants and the winery's exclusive mailing list, here is your opportunity to snatch up one of the highest caliber Chardonnays out of North America.

    "If the Kistler winery could be...

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  4. Sonoma Sensation - Our Best Seller!
    March 05, 2018
    Adele Chardonnay has been our best-selling domestic Chardonnay for the past five years. This Sonoma sensation is the newly released 2015 Adele Chardonnay. If this were the Oscars, Adele would get Best Picture!
    From grilled prawns atop spaghetti...
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  5. Our Best Selling Zinfandel Is Running Low!
    January 19, 2018


    The 2013 Five Vintners Zinfandel was our best selling Zinfandel (and your favorite) last year. This delicious vintage is coming to an end so snatch up what you can.

    Looking for a bit more body and spice than a Pinot Noir and not as much tannin as a Cabernet...

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