Montevertine, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Tuscany



Press and Tasting Notes

A wonderful blend of Correggiolo, Moraiolo and Leccino olives, Montevertine Extra Virgin Olive Oil is pressed using century old cold-pressing method. In the heart of Tuscany, situated between Florence and Sienna, grow these magnificent olives. Montevertine may be best known for its highly sought after Le Pergole Torte Super Tuscan. Drizzle, garn ... Read More »

A Merchant's Pick

Featured January 31, 2016


Please note all orders will be limited to a four bottle maximum due to extremely limited production of this hand-pressed olive oil that will complete any meal beyond anything you have experienced!
    We are all about extraordinary aromas and flavors whether from wine, whiskey or beer.
    This week's sensory sensation is Montevertine's Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which bursts with distinct and expressive character. Drizzle over fresh tomatoes, blend with your burrata and aged balsamic, enhance the flavors of your grilled fish and of course, without question, warm your favorite bread and dip.
    Montevertine may be best known for its highly prized Le Pergole Torte Super Tuscan red wine....but not after today! Drizzle, garnish or dip this intoxicating, nutty, creamy, and slightly spicy olive oil and you will understand why this oil delivers a culinary experience like no other.
    Crafted using century old cold-pressing methods, three classic olives grown on the estate's vineyards are artfully blended: Correggiolo is used for its spice and fruit, Moraiolo for its vibrant green flavor, and Leccino for rounding out its body.
    Best enjoyed at room temperature to retain its antioxidant properties and health benefits, this delicious olive oil will turn your most enjoyable meal into a memorable moment.Read More »



Tuscany is home to some of the most popular Italian red wines.  Located along the Tyrrehenian coast, the Mediterranean influence and hilly terrain allow Tuscany to offer a wide variety of wine styles.  The mo ... Read More »

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