Richoux, Crémant de Bourgogne Brut


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93 / 100

Not a Champagne? You wouldn't know the difference in a blind tasting. Richoux's Crémant de Bourgogne is crisp, and dry with bright acidity.  The nose is full of white stone fruit, lime zest, and wild berry. Fre ... Read More »

A Merchant's Pick

Featured May 02, 2019


Champagne Quality At A Fraction Of The Price!
In northern France, just southwest of Chablis, is a tiny village called Irancy. 
You might think Chardonnay is the grape of choice in this little enclave surround by an amphitheater of vineyards. But, it is not. 
There, Pinot Noir is grown to make a white - yes, white - sparkling wine.
The skins are removed early to remove any blush color; what you are left with is an amazing Blanc de Noir, a sensational sparkler that rivals some of the finest Champagnes made today!
Because this wine is not from the Champagne region of France, it must be called a Crémant even though it uses méthode Champenoise. But, you wouldn't know the difference in a blind tasting!
Crisp, and dry with bright acidity, the nose is full of white stone fruit, lime zest, and wild berry. Fresh yet faint aromas of wild raspberry are barely present, but add depth to this superbly balanced sparkling wine. 
In addition to enjoying it with your favorite seasonal cuisine, it is a perfect Champagne substitution for any special occasion (hint, college graduations, Mother's Day, July 4th.... or any day that ends in "y").
Organically farmed and hand-picked, this wine needs to be part of your versatile wine enjoyment this summer.
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Wine has been made in Burgundy for over 2,000 years.  The monks were responsible for first identifying specific plots of lands as superior to others; this hierarchy later became the basis for the region’s classification system. ... Read More »